While our primary function is to improve the mental health of our clients, we also see value in outreach work in the community. By participating in projects and events with local people and organisations, we aim to build relationships which raise awareness of mental health and explore topics around mental health and well-being.

These topics have included men in mental health, depression, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), body and mind connection, loss and grief, death, stigma, stereotyping and labelling.

We participated in a creative project with Edinburgh College of Art to identify healing spaces which provide relaxed but highly constructed space in which therapy takes place. With approximately one in four of us living with a mental health problem, the aim of the project was to trigger ideas such as removing stigma from private mental health care, making counselling and therapy more accessible, and to explore the idea of what therapy is.

To coincide with the exhibition, Time is all Around, we teamed up with Edinburgh Printmakers to host an afternoon of open, frank and respectful conversation reflecting on the nature of our own transience. People were invited to come together to talk and recognise their feelings about death and dying.

We recognise the link between mental health and physical health. We collaborated with the Edinburgh Fitfest at events in the city promoting the importance of the mind-body connection. This enabled us to develop ongoing working links with physical health practitioners specialising in yoga therapy, nutritional therapy and body therapies.














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