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Therapy in central Edinburgh


Effective Counselling and Psychotherapy in Central Edinburgh


Now in our 15th year, EH1 Therapies continues to provide effective, tried and tested therapies to clients. Our various locations have taken us progressively Westward and are now based on Randolph Place, a proverbial oasis of calm in the fast-paced West End.

At EH1 Therapies, we provide therapy services to people from all walks of life, in Central Edinburgh and beyond.

We understand the importance of finding good mental health support to get a better understanding of self, others, relationships, and life.

We offer a range of psychological therapies, behavioural therapies and humanistic therapies. Our therapists have a wide range of knowledge, skills and experience. Individually we have  have many years of experience in mental health and wellbeing. Together we have a service that produces the results that we and our clients want

You can be assured that at EH1 Therapies you will find the right support to suit your needs. To explore our full range of therapies please click here, and here to meet the team.

  • Centrally located in Edinburgh.
  • Accessible by public transport, car, bike and on foot.
  • Open from 7am to 9pm daily.
  • Out of hours appointments.
  • Flexible rates for students, low income, people on benefits. 
  • Student therapists on placement.