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“Ecopsychology is destined to be a familiar word that defines a new view of psychology. Whereas in the past psychology has always suggested looking deeper inward, ecopsychology teaches us to look outward as well, to seek breadth as well as depth.”

June Singer

Ecopsychology examines the psychological processes that bond us with and alienate us from nature. The underlying foundation of Ecopsychology is that the individual human psyche is inseparable from the surrounding environment. Ecopsychology can be described as the study of the connection between human-caused changes to and destruction of the natural world and resulting spiritual or psychological crises. Ecopsychology looks for the roots of environmental problems in human psychology and society and for the roots of personal and social problems in our dysfunctional relationship to the natural world. It explores humans’ psychological interdependence with the rest of nature and the implications for identity, health and well-being.