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Therapy Rooms in Edinburgh's West End

Therapy Rooms for Hire in Edinburgh City Centre

EH1 Therapies have four therapy rooms for hire in the centre on Randolph Place in the West End of Edinburgh. They can be hired by the hour, block, half day or by the day. 

Our rooms provide a calm and secure setting for therapy sessions and supervision in the centre of Edinburgh. 

All of our rooms are bright and airy. They create a tranquil environment conducive to personal development. 

The thoughtfully furnished space may be used for training, seminars, and other therapeutic or professional events.

Room 1

Room 1 is a bright, airy room which is suitable for talking therapies with individuals and couples, supervision and online therapy.

Room 2

Room 2 is a spacious room suitable for talking therapies, supervision, somatic and body therapies, couples therapy, family therapy, group work, training, and meetings.

Room 3

Room 3 is a spacious room which has a calm atmosphere and view to the garden. It is suitable for talking therapies with individuals and couples. It has massage tables and a folding bed to accommodate psychoanalytic work, somatic therapies, hypnotherapy, reiki, and therapeutic massage.

Room 4

Room 4 is a small, tranquil room which looks out onto the garden. It is suitable for one-to-one therapies and online therapies.

Room 5

Room 5 is a small study and rest room which is also used for online therapy.