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Zero Balancing

“We have come to understand that energy is consciousness, that vibration holds information, and that energy is a basic building block of our bodies”

Fritz Smith

Zero Balancing is a powerful body-mind therapy that teaches skilled touch to bring balance to body structure and energy. The practitioner uses finger pressure and gentle traction on areas of tension in the bones, joints and soft tissue to create fulcrums, or points of balance, around which the body can relax and reorganize. By addressing the deepest and densest tissues of the body along with soft tissue and energy fields, Zero Balancing helps to clear chronic tension and blocks in the body’s energy flow. Zero Balancing has been shown to reduce stress, amplify vitality and promote better postural alignment. Zero Balancing is a gentle yet powerful system of touch which provides a unique insight into the relationship between energy, qi (also known as chi) as a force in the body, and structural anatomy. It is particularly effective when for example we become overwhelmed by stress which in turn can lead to a decline in our vitality and our ability to adapt to change. Contemporary life is increasingly lived at an ever-faster pace. Staying in touch with natural rhythms is an essential reality check, valuable in maintaining balance, which is health.

What Is Zero Balancing?